cropped-14289824_1774665996139206_8296633544521471329_o-pia11.jpgIn 2017, the rapids fishing culture of River Tornionjoki was selected for the National Inventory of Living Heritage. The site tells about the cultural heritage connected to whitefish, research and the traditional fishing methods of the Tornio Valley through images, texts and stories.

In recent decades, the endangered whitefish, or summer whitefish, have been ascending later and later. The fish have also grown smaller. Villages along River Tornionjoki became concerned, and actors connected to traditional fishing made the initiative for the Tornio Valley Summer Whitefish project, which is responsible for the contents of the website. There were over 50 contributing organisations from Finland and Sweden, and around 388 people developed the content together with partners. Indeed, the project slogan was “One river, two banks and a lively fishing culture”.

Within the framework of the project, folklore about fishing has been collected for three years and over 70 fishermen have been interviewed. The project has received Interreg North funding from the EU.

The people of the Tornio Valley Summer Whitefish project want to thank all partners, visitors, the fishermen, villagers and experts who were interviewed or featured in documents as well as the young people who provided their own perspective on topics. The people of the river radiate authenticity, desire to cooperate and respect for the living heritage.

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Community takes action in fostering whitefish

Around 2010, local people got worried as the ascending whitefish appeared in the river almost one month later than 30 years ago, and it’s size was also remarkably smaller. They decided to take action and start a project to foster the whitefish. The preparation of the project has been carried out by over 200 volunteers lead by Prosiika ry, including fishermen, inhabitants, businesses and experts. The objectives are to

Strengthen the attractiveness of the unique traditional fishing culture in Tornio Valley and
Enhance the better conditions for the Torne river whitefish population and its
sustainable management.

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